Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Material Designs - Custom Textures

Left side - compact, tough, rigid, magnetic, cold, soft
Right side - warm, itchy, flexable, dull, stretchable, frictionless

Left side - repetative, solid, messy, dusty, fragile, textured

Right side - new, mechanical, demanding, smart, reflective, slipery

Left side - solid, hard, fixed, immoveable, old, worn

Right side - natural, cellular, smooth, shiney, transparent, uniform

Studio Designs - 18 Sketch Sections

Left side - Top: Confusion / Rest
Bottom: Jagged / Peace
Right side - Top: Explode / Peace
Bottom: Confusion / Peace

Left side - Top: Explode / Comfortable

Bottom: Confusion / Comfortable

Right side - Top: Jagged / Rest

Bottom: Explode / Rest
Left side - Top: Peace / Jagged

Bottom: Peace / Explode

Right side - Top: Peace / Confusion

Bottom: Jagged / Comfortable
Left side - Top: Comfortable / Confusion

Bottom: Rest / Jagged

Right side - Top: Rest / Explode

Bottom: Rest / Confusion
Top: Comfortable/Jagged

Bottom: Comfortable / Explode

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Short Youtube Video

The following is a link to a video on Youtube (I could not get it embed on the blog). It is of a house on the British show 'Grand Designs'. I chose this video because it shows two things: the stair and materiality. I really like the design of the stairs and the materials used in the video are similar to the materials that I am considering for my 'Datum' assignment.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Second SketchUp Model

Page from Book

Above is the page from my book that shows 2 sections of the stairs I designed for the second SketchUp Model. The two words were: Peace (left) and Jagged (right).

Images from SketchUp
Below are two images from Sketch Up showing the studio spaces designed to suit the stairs above. Again the two words were: Peace (above) and Jagged (below).

Monday, March 15, 2010

This the the page from my book that I chose to create on Google SketchUp. The two words are:

Peace (above) & Explode (below

Here are two views of the model I created in SketchUp.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Patricia Piccinini
machine, lurching, mechanical

Ricky Swallow

peace, rest, comfortable

Richard Goodwin

confusion, explode, jagged

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Image A: Render of my Year 12 HSC D + T Major Work design

For my major work in year 12 I designed a new clubhouse for my local soccer club. The whole project took me ages however it got me a good mark, so I think it was worth it. For my first time using CAD programs I feel very happy at what I was able to achieve.

Image B: 'Atlantis, The Palm' Resort - Dubai

'Atlanis, The Palm' Resort Dubai is a 2.5 billion, 7 star, out-of-this-world focal point of the Palm Jumeirah the manmade island sprouting of the coast of Dubai. The resort has 1539 rooms and over 3500 staff. The greatest feet of this piece of architecture is the 11 million litre salt water lagoon that is the centre point of the resort. It is home to over 65,000 sea creatures including a baby whale shark.

Image C: Sydney Harbour

I took this photo when I was on a cruise on Sydney Harbour. I like this photo because it always reminds me of how lucky I am. The sky and water are a beautiful blue colour. The buildings seem to form almost a pyramid shape. I love Sydney particularly because it always makes me feel as though I'm home.