Friday, April 30, 2010

Progress and Information

The Scientists:
The two clients I am designing labs for are Nicole Kuepper and Charles Darwin. I chose these two scientists because their work interests me the most. Also I thought that it would be interesting to design labs for scientists whose work was/is conducted over 100 years apart.

The Laboratories:
Nicole Kuepper - Her designs consists of a 'L' shaped upper laboratory that is supported by large rectangular prisms at the base. Because of her work I wanted to design a lab that exposed itself to vast amounts of sunlight that would enable her to conduct her research. I also wanted other large workspaces that would allow for group and collaborative work. There are a variety of different shaped and sized laboratories in the design.

Charles Darwin - I have based my design of Darwin's lab on his theories of evolution and my quote. His lab sits on a large cliff face and rises out of the water, climbing the cliff and finishing at the top. I wanted to create a design that seemed to 'evolve' from its origins at the bottom in the ocean to a much smaller and 'refined' section at the top of the cliff, much like his theories. 5 laboratories in total, 3 of them on different levels, and 2 sitting almost submerged in the water. A large stair case that links the labs together.

The Designs:
Nicole Kuepper -

Charles Darwin -

Electroliquid Aggregation

Electroliquid Aggregation Concept:
"Why still speak of the real and the virtual, the material nad immaterial? Here these categories are not in opposition, or in some metaphysical disagreement, but more in an electroliquid aggregation, enforcing each other, as in a two part adhesive."
Lars Spuybroek, (1998) Motor Geometry, Architectural Design, Vol 68 No5/6, p5

My quotes:
Nicole Kuepper - 'Nicole Kuepper is saving the world, and she's doing it one solar cell at a time'.
Charles Darwin - 'A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections - a mere heart of stone.'

My Electroliquid Aggregation Attempt:
When a scientist attempts to save the world should they have no wishes or affections, a mere heart of stone or should they try do it one solar cell at a time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Landform Progress and Introducing Night-time

I have been working on manipulating the landform for a couple of days now. It hasn’t been the easiest but the following images show the progress. For the ramp to Charles Darwins’ lab I have chosen a long ‘S’ shaped design, with a steep cliff to situate the libratory. For the ramp to Nicole Kuepper’s lab I have chosen a short steeper ramp, with a larger flat plateau to situate her libratory. The last image shows a night scene.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Change of Plans

After trying to configure and alter the 5 rectangluar prisms to come to the final 9 prisms for the lab I have changed my design. The following axonometric drawings represent what I want my final laboritory designs to look like.

Charles Darwin:

Nicole Kuepper:

Slide Review from 'Little Black Box' Lecture

In my design I tried to incorporate a notion of a freestanding solid structure. I envisaged a space that gives a different emotion and feeling in each section of the space, and as you move throughout it. Creating a building that feels 'free standing' as though it is suspended, making you feel like air is supporting you. From the slide I noticed the way that the shape seems to be suspended in the air, casting an intriguing shadow on the wall. I tried imagining what it would be like to stand somewhere on that shape and look out a the shadow. The slide has made me think and consider how interesting shapes can create interesting feelings and effects on people and surroundings.

Interconnected Prisms, Axonometric drawings

Prisms 9 & 3 interconnected:

Opposite viewpoint:

Prisms 8 & 10 interconnected:

Opposite viewpoint:

Prisms 12 & 13 interconnected:

Opposite viewpoint:

Axonometric Drawings in my Crysis Environment

The image below is of axonometric drawing number 9.

The image below is of axonometric drawing number 11.

Axonometric Drawings













Thursday, April 15, 2010

EXP2 - Quotes from or about the 3 clients

Charles Darwin
'A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections - a mere heart of stone.' - Charles Darwin
The New York Times Company, "2007 About, Inc." New York Times

Nicole Kuepper
'Nicole Kuepper is saving the world, and she's doing it one solar cell at a time'.
Nina Karnikowski, "Cell shows way to bright future", Precinct issue4, 2007

Stephen Hawking
'He is a picture of the triumph of the human spirit, a truely wonderful mind. The brilliant scientist, and despite losing his voice relies on a computer to speak, Hawkings' will to live and learn has kept him alive, mentally alert and able to enjoy life. He has been hailed as the Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein of today'.
Dennis Chua, "Exploring the Universe with Hawking", The Malay Mail, March 28, 2002

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Animations of Model

Below are the 3 animations that I composed to show my SketchUp Model.

This animation is of the Upper Studio space designed for Ricky Swallow the word was 'Peace'.

This animation is the the Lower Studio space designed for Richard Goodwin the word was 'explode'.

This animation is of the gallery space between.

(Note: The trees and people used in the animations were downloaded from Google Warehouse. The creators name: Google)

Images of developed SketchUp model

2D Section Drawings of the Stairs

Stairs to Upper Studio. I wanted to create stairs that would make people stop and take their time. That is why there is a gap between each individual element.

Stairs to Lower Studio. Sturdy and durable for Goodwin's work. The stairs are divided by a ramp so he is able to caryy his large work up to the gallery eaisly.

SketchUp Images
Below is an overhead image of the whole concept. You can see the gallery space, upper studio, the stairs to the lower studio and the lower studio skylights.

The Upper Studio. The word was peace. I tried to create a very tranquil and quite space while still having an element of openness with the large glass windows.

The Lower Studio. The word was explode. I tried to create a space that was on various levels and had varying ceiling heights. Also as the space was for Richard Goodwin a space that was large and had lots of rooms for him to complete different tasks in.

(Note: The trees and people used in the animations were downloaded from Google Warehouse. The creators name: Google)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Progress Images

Below are some images of the design that I have choosen to develop.