Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Angela Merkels' Office: Explained

The idea behind Merkel’s office came from the idea that in business and politics there is division of power that works like a triangle. The higher up the triangle you are the more power you have. Angela Merkel is possibly one of the most powerful and influential people in the world so I thought that this theory is the perfect way to represent her offices. Her power exists because she has worked very hard to achieve things. To complete her roll she is quite obviously a hard, strong and intelligent women, both intellectually and physically. It is with these in mind that designed her office space and elevator. The top two levels are spaces for Merkel herself. She has views of the bridge and the surrounding valley. On the lower floors are spaces for people that work for her. The elevator sits at the front of the building. When in use it acts as a visual element as it rises and sits atop the building, indicating that Merkel has just used it. It also represents the process that Merkel has gone through to reach the position she has. Like Kerr’s elevator, Merkel’s also goes through the bridge to the meeting space below. Except unlike Kerr’s there is no hiding the elevators movements. This is because I wanted to show that Merkel is a direct and swift person, her intentions are clear and for everyone to see.

The design of the elevator is triangular (to sit perfectly at the top of the building). Inside there are two chairs. These are so she can sit down while she travels between floors. Her life is very busy and therefore small changes for relaxation and comfort are necessary. Inside the elevators are T.V’s so that she can keep up to date with news programs from around the world, if need be. There is also a window so that she can enjoy the view of the bridge and valley. I tried to create a space where she could enjoy a brief moment of relaxation in her busy life and powerful roles.

Textures -
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