Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bridge: Explained

The idea that I have tried to incorporate into my bridge design is that for things to work well and stabilise there needs to be a balance of power. If the power is uneven then negative consequences occur.

So in my for my bridge I have situated Angela Merkel on the left and Miranda Kerr in the right. I believe Merkel’s power to be very large, influential and grounded, there her side of the bridge is large and connects to the ground below and the rock face to the side. Two large pillars, extend from the ground and act as a support, slanting into the cliff face. Also holding the bridge in place are 4 arches that curve through the bridge and meet at a single point near the Miranda Kerr offices. I did not only include these as a graphic element to the aesthetics of the bridge but also to represent Merkel’s power. It is supposed to show that through her power she has the potential to reach and affect a lot of people. Where these arches meet there is another thin vertical pillar.

The platform part of the bridge spans from the two large pillars on the right all the way past the middle pillar. It has a slight convex curve.

Sitting on the far right end of the bridge is Kerr’s Office Space. Balancing on the end. The purpose of this is to highlight the face that Kerr’s power is very much depended and influenced by others, particularly the media and the public.

Overall the bridge is supposed to highlight balancing power. If it wasn’t for Merkel’s end having strong and stable foundations then Kerr’s space wouldn’t be able to exist and if Kerr’s office was to disappear then Merkel’s ends power would be too great and it would fall back into the cliff. Having to much power can be a bad thing, having too little power can also be bad, it is therefore important to find and appropriate balance. Power comes at a price, ‘to whom much is given, much is required’.

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