Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miranda Kerr's Office: Explained

The idea behind Miranda Kerr’s office space is the notion that symmetry is beauty and people that are considered ‘beautiful’ have a certain level of symmetry to their body and face. To many people Miranda Kerr is considered beautiful and the amount to power she holds depends very much upon this. Her power is very much at the hands of the media and public, as it is our (the public's) perception of her that leads to her popularity, which generates (media). So with these aspects in mind I designed an office space that followed these principles. On the bridge level there is two runways, above these two office spaces for her workers and finally above sits her office. Open plan, with large windows that over look the bridge on one side and the sheer valley cliff on the other. By looking over the cliff I have tried to represent her power as significant but also fragile. I want the large drop to the ocean floor to serve as a reminder that with great power, comes great responsibility and the fall from power can be very severe and costly.

The design of her elevator is simple and functional. Mirrors line the sides (so she can prepare and check her appearance before meeting Merkel) and it also contains windows to look out at the surroundings as it goes down. The elevator goes down through the bridge and down the back of the pylon. This is because her power relies on her looks, so I thought it would be interesting to consider that if her looks were taken away would she still have the same amount of power? No.

Textures -
These are explained below:

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