Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Final Submission of ARCH 1101: EXP 3

Miranda Kerr's Office
Miranda Kerr’s power exists because of her image and appearance. People who have symmetrical faces are often the ones that are considered ‘beautiful’. To represent this her office space is symmetrical, which highlights that her power is very much a superficial one that exists purely on public and media perception.

From Angela Merkel’s Side of the Bridge
Angela Merkel is a very powerful women. Her end of the bridge is basically what holds up the structure. Two large pylons heavy rooted into the ground represent her strong political power she has, while the lurching arches are there to represent the fact the because of the power and influence she has her decisions often affect many people.

Table and Chairs, Meeting Space
When the clients meet they need to share a balance of power. The table to requires this, if one of the clients leans on the table to hard then the table will fall. The table therefore requires the clients to work together and share their power. Kerr’s chair (left) is curvy, to represent he body, her power comes from this, while Merkel’s chair (right) is strong and stable, something she must be to sustain her power.

Overall Image
Angela Markel on the left. Dominating and strong. Miranda Kerr on the right. Beautiful and balancing.

Eyelevel looking out from Merkel’s Offices
The arches that reach over and grip the bridge, looking very much like they hold up the other side of the bridge. These are here to represent the power the Merkel has to influence others far away and indirectly. Essentially she is holding up Miranda Kerr’s offices. The power needed is enormous. But what would happen if she broke? What would be the consequences for a break in her power hold?

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