Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Filefront and Google Warehouse Links and Instructions

Link to Google Warehouse:

Link to FileFront:

Instructions for moving the elevators:
Miranda Kerr Office:
h – (Move from Ground (bridge) floor to Top Office ONLY)
j – (Move down to Meeting Space floor)
k – (Move to Ground (bridge) floor, press ‘j’ to continue to Meeting Space)
l – (Move from Meeting Space to Top Office floor)

Angela Merkel Office:
y – (Move to Top floor)
u – (Move to 3rd floor)
i – (Move to 2nd floor)
o – (Ground (bridge) floor)
p – (Meeting Space Floor

Final Submission of ARCH 1101: EXP 3

Miranda Kerr's Office
Miranda Kerr’s power exists because of her image and appearance. People who have symmetrical faces are often the ones that are considered ‘beautiful’. To represent this her office space is symmetrical, which highlights that her power is very much a superficial one that exists purely on public and media perception.

From Angela Merkel’s Side of the Bridge
Angela Merkel is a very powerful women. Her end of the bridge is basically what holds up the structure. Two large pylons heavy rooted into the ground represent her strong political power she has, while the lurching arches are there to represent the fact the because of the power and influence she has her decisions often affect many people.

Table and Chairs, Meeting Space
When the clients meet they need to share a balance of power. The table to requires this, if one of the clients leans on the table to hard then the table will fall. The table therefore requires the clients to work together and share their power. Kerr’s chair (left) is curvy, to represent he body, her power comes from this, while Merkel’s chair (right) is strong and stable, something she must be to sustain her power.

Overall Image
Angela Markel on the left. Dominating and strong. Miranda Kerr on the right. Beautiful and balancing.

Eyelevel looking out from Merkel’s Offices
The arches that reach over and grip the bridge, looking very much like they hold up the other side of the bridge. These are here to represent the power the Merkel has to influence others far away and indirectly. Essentially she is holding up Miranda Kerr’s offices. The power needed is enormous. But what would happen if she broke? What would be the consequences for a break in her power hold?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Table, Meeting Space: Explained

The idea behind the design of the table is the same as the theme throughout the design, balance. I wanted to create the idea that in order for this table to function properly the two clients need to work together and distribute their power evenly.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Angela Merkels' Office: Explained

The idea behind Merkel’s office came from the idea that in business and politics there is division of power that works like a triangle. The higher up the triangle you are the more power you have. Angela Merkel is possibly one of the most powerful and influential people in the world so I thought that this theory is the perfect way to represent her offices. Her power exists because she has worked very hard to achieve things. To complete her roll she is quite obviously a hard, strong and intelligent women, both intellectually and physically. It is with these in mind that designed her office space and elevator. The top two levels are spaces for Merkel herself. She has views of the bridge and the surrounding valley. On the lower floors are spaces for people that work for her. The elevator sits at the front of the building. When in use it acts as a visual element as it rises and sits atop the building, indicating that Merkel has just used it. It also represents the process that Merkel has gone through to reach the position she has. Like Kerr’s elevator, Merkel’s also goes through the bridge to the meeting space below. Except unlike Kerr’s there is no hiding the elevators movements. This is because I wanted to show that Merkel is a direct and swift person, her intentions are clear and for everyone to see.

The design of the elevator is triangular (to sit perfectly at the top of the building). Inside there are two chairs. These are so she can sit down while she travels between floors. Her life is very busy and therefore small changes for relaxation and comfort are necessary. Inside the elevators are T.V’s so that she can keep up to date with news programs from around the world, if need be. There is also a window so that she can enjoy the view of the bridge and valley. I tried to create a space where she could enjoy a brief moment of relaxation in her busy life and powerful roles.

Textures -
These are explained below:

Miranda Kerr's Office: Explained

The idea behind Miranda Kerr’s office space is the notion that symmetry is beauty and people that are considered ‘beautiful’ have a certain level of symmetry to their body and face. To many people Miranda Kerr is considered beautiful and the amount to power she holds depends very much upon this. Her power is very much at the hands of the media and public, as it is our (the public's) perception of her that leads to her popularity, which generates (media). So with these aspects in mind I designed an office space that followed these principles. On the bridge level there is two runways, above these two office spaces for her workers and finally above sits her office. Open plan, with large windows that over look the bridge on one side and the sheer valley cliff on the other. By looking over the cliff I have tried to represent her power as significant but also fragile. I want the large drop to the ocean floor to serve as a reminder that with great power, comes great responsibility and the fall from power can be very severe and costly.

The design of her elevator is simple and functional. Mirrors line the sides (so she can prepare and check her appearance before meeting Merkel) and it also contains windows to look out at the surroundings as it goes down. The elevator goes down through the bridge and down the back of the pylon. This is because her power relies on her looks, so I thought it would be interesting to consider that if her looks were taken away would she still have the same amount of power? No.

Textures -
These are explained below:

The Bridge: Explained

The idea that I have tried to incorporate into my bridge design is that for things to work well and stabilise there needs to be a balance of power. If the power is uneven then negative consequences occur.

So in my for my bridge I have situated Angela Merkel on the left and Miranda Kerr in the right. I believe Merkel’s power to be very large, influential and grounded, there her side of the bridge is large and connects to the ground below and the rock face to the side. Two large pillars, extend from the ground and act as a support, slanting into the cliff face. Also holding the bridge in place are 4 arches that curve through the bridge and meet at a single point near the Miranda Kerr offices. I did not only include these as a graphic element to the aesthetics of the bridge but also to represent Merkel’s power. It is supposed to show that through her power she has the potential to reach and affect a lot of people. Where these arches meet there is another thin vertical pillar.

The platform part of the bridge spans from the two large pillars on the right all the way past the middle pillar. It has a slight convex curve.

Sitting on the far right end of the bridge is Kerr’s Office Space. Balancing on the end. The purpose of this is to highlight the face that Kerr’s power is very much depended and influenced by others, particularly the media and the public.

Overall the bridge is supposed to highlight balancing power. If it wasn’t for Merkel’s end having strong and stable foundations then Kerr’s space wouldn’t be able to exist and if Kerr’s office was to disappear then Merkel’s ends power would be too great and it would fall back into the cliff. Having to much power can be a bad thing, having too little power can also be bad, it is therefore important to find and appropriate balance. Power comes at a price, ‘to whom much is given, much is required’.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peer Reviews

As part of the second last studio session for the year, today we were required to have our work critiqued by two other students in the group. Here is what they had to say about my work so far:

Some very helpful and insightful comments, I will be sure to consider these thoughts as i continue to develop my experiment.